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Industrial Calibration Lab Profile

Full Service Industrial Calibration

Industrial Calibration, Industrial Calibration Lab,Since 1994, IN-CAL™ has been a leading full-service calibration company offering a wide range of calibration and repair services to customers around the world in their facilities as well as in our environmentally controlled laboratory in Hudson, NH.

From those in manufacturing, to those in research and development, and so many others, we strive to surpass our customers' expectations with every calibration service we provide for their test and measurement equipment.

Customers rely on IN-CAL™ because they know first hand that we employ their industry's best practices and maintain ISO certifications that ensure quality control and technical precision for all calibration services we perform.

Further, we continually develop our technicians to ensure competence about the latest trends in calibration and equipment technology, and have the necessary tools available so calibrations can be performed accurately and efficiently.

Industrial Calibration Services for a Variety of Applications

We want to ensure that we satisfy your business requirements when we provide you with calibration services. Therefore, we offer calibration services for the following:
  • Dimensional calibrations for gage blocks, micrometers, pin gages, calipers, thread gages, etc.
  • Electronic calibrations for a variety of amp/volt meters, multimeters, oscilloscopes, power supplies, etc.
  • Mechanical calibrations for gauges, transducers, torque, force, scales, weights, etc.
  • Temperature calibrations for controllers, ovens, thermocouples, digital thermometers, etc.
  • Additional capabilities to provide calibration service for specific manufacturing and test equipment including furnaces, presses, environmental chambers and more
Industrial Calibration ServicesAt IN-CAL™, we want to ensure that we deliver on our promise of commitment to quality anytime we service your equipment. To meet the diverse needs of our customer base, we have lab technicians on staff that have specialized training and are readily available to provide solutions to respond to your equipments' unique requirements.

Several key benefits of working with IN-CAL™ NIST traceable calibration service:
  • We provide comprehensive calibration reports
  • We offer 24-hour emergency service
  • We have equipment pick up or delivery available throughout New England
  • We offer an automatic recall and scheduling system to our customers
Regardless as to whether you need a quick repair on your digital caliper or a more complex repair for your electronic test equipment, we treat each calibration service with professionalism, technical expertise, and quality assurance.
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Since 1994, IN-CAL™'s professionals have excelled in servicing both mechanical and electronic equipment, as well as providing technical expertise.
We are committed to providing you with superior calibration and repair services for test, measuring and manufacturing equipment.
Onsite Calibration Services throughout MA, NH, CT, RI, VT, ME, New England and the USA.