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IN-CAL™ is committed to providing you with superior calibration and repair services for a wide range of both Test and Measuring Equipment and Manufacturing Equipment. Our continued growth and expansive coverage is a testament to our dedication to excellence in customer service.

24 Hour Calibration Service
IN-CAL™ is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year to troubleshoot and repair your manufacturing and test equipment.

Calibration Component Services by Industry
Since 1994, IN-CAL™ has delivered the highest level of quality calibration service for a diverse group of customers worldwide, ranging from the aerospace to pharmaceutical to the machine tool shop industry.

Calibration Management Software
Calibration Management Software

Calibration Quality Standards
Since 1994, IN-CAL™ has been a leading company offering a wide range of calibration and repair services to customers around the world in their facilities as well as in our environmentally controlled laboratory in Hudson, NH

Calibration ServicesCalibration / Service References
Calibration / Service References

Calibration Services
Since 1994, IN-CAL™ has been servicing customers with both on site calibration services and laboratory calibration services. IN-CAL™ has provided calibration services to customers from the aerospace industry to pharmaceutical companies on a wide range of laboratory and measurement and test equipment for leading manufacturers.

Custom Manufacturing
IN-CAL™ provides complete service support for all of your existing manufacturing equipment as well as custom manufacturing services for your unique projects.

Dimensional Calibration
IN-CAL™ is your source for all of your dimensional calibration needs and repair requirements-whether it's a one-time dimensional calibration of your equipment or an on-going annual dimensional calibration service agreement.

Directions to the IN-CAL™ Facility.

Electronic Calibration
Since 1994, IN-CAL™ has provided strong technical capabilities to ensure that our customers' electronic calibrations are precise-whether you require simple amp/volt meter electrical calibrations for general monitoring purposes or precision electronic calibrator calibrations for testing and calibrating your own instruments-we deliver outstanding electronic equipment calibrations to our customers worldwide.

Environmental Mapping
When it comes to environmental mapping and validation services, IN-CAL™ has successfully delivered its expertise to the biomedical, pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing industries. Enabling our customers to ensure product quality throughout their manufacturing process is of foremost importance to us.

Equipment Calibration
From temperature controllers, to pressure gauges and power supplies, IN-CAL™ is the company you can trust for all of your equipment calibration needs.

Industrial Calibration Lab Profile
Since 1994, IN-CAL™ has been a leading full-service calibration company offering a wide range of calibration and repair services to customers around the world in their facilities as well as in our environmentally controlled laboratory in Hudson, NH.

Industrial Calibration Service Profile
With a reputation for delivering the highest level of service to companies both nationally and internationally, you can rely upon IN-CAL™ for all of your manufacturing equipment service needs.

On-site CalibrationInfocal Demo
InfoCal© is a custom On-line Calibration Management System, developed by IN-CAL™ to help better manage your equipment, run reports and view certificates.

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 9001:2015

Job Opportunities
Join a small, but fast-growing company with unique career growth potential, offering:
  • Competitive Wages, based upon experience
  • Paid vacation and personal time
  • Health insurance
  • Retirement plan with company contributions
  • IN-CAL is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Just For Fun!
Just For Fun.

Mechanical Calibration
IN-CAL™ provides expert mechanical and electro-mechanical calibration services to a wide range of industries around the world, and is considered the calibration resource of choice since 1994.

On-Site Calibration
IN-CAL™ has been providing onsite calibration services to companies throughout the US and Canada since 1994 and has built a reputation of delivering outstanding customer service.

PLC Design
IN-CAL™ is committed to keeping your manufacturing equipment online and dependable-and has built our reputation both on our expertise and the attention to quality for all of the services we provide, including Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).

Preventive Maintenance
Can your company afford manufacturing equipment downtime? Do you find preventive maintenance schedules delayed due to under-staffing? If so, a preventative maintenance agreement with IN-CAL™ would provide you with peace of mind and a competitive advantage.

IN-CAL™ would like to help maximize your original equipment investment by offering our expertise in refurbishing your existing manufacturing equipment. Our commitment to quality has made us a primary resource for rebuilds/upgrades for companies throughout the United States and Canada-saving them time and money.

Replacement Parts
IN-CAL™ stocks a large assortment of replacement parts for your ovens, presses and other manufacturing equipment. We have also comprised a network of key suppliers that can provide parts quickly and cost effectively - even for European replacement parts. Based upon our experience with servicing manufacturing equipment, we know which parts have short life cycles or long lead times. We work diligently on our end to keep downtime on your end to a minimum.

Scales and Weights
IN-CAL™ offers scale and weight calibration services worldwide, employing highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians to be assured we are providing our customers with scale and weight calibration service that is unparalleled in the industry.

Electronic Calibration, Calibration, On-site Temperature Calibration
The technicians at IN-CAL™ know how to evaluate your equipment for the proper functioning of temperature conditions (including many ANSI standards) and will deliver superior results for all of your temperature and humidity calibration needs.

Temperature Profiling
Once your equipment has been analyzed, IN-CAL™ will provide practical corrective measures to help ensure your product is manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Validations and Qualifications
IN-CAL™ has accumulated more than 15 years of worldwide experience in biomedical, healthcare products, medical equipment manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries for very solid reasons.
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Since 1994, IN-CAL™'s professionals have excelled in servicing both mechanical and electronic equipment, as well as providing technical expertise.
We are committed to providing you with superior calibration and repair services for test, measuring and manufacturing equipment.
Onsite Calibration Services throughout MA, NH, CT, RI, VT, ME, New England and the USA.